The Living Room Is Taking Shape

October 21, 2018

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Today I have decided to talk about the inside of my home renovations rather than the outside at this time. This will be a fairly short comment as we are only going to discuss the changes that we are now starting to see in our homes living room. To start our discussion off let us talk floors. Previously, the floors were covered with some sort of wooden laminate veneer however they were essentially ruined, likely as a result of the dog which was in the home with the previous tenants. An examination of the floors will reveal how some sections of the flooring were starting to buckle. This room, like all the other’s in the home stunk to high heaven and needless to say we did not spare the bleach and deodorizer when cleaning it. For the life of me, I cannot understand why anyone would allow their home to deteriorate as this one has. A house is usually one of your most costly investments therefore it should be carefully taken care of and preserved.

The living room, like all the rooms in the house was in dire need of painting, so we started out by painting the walls and the wood work. We decided on a shell color for the walls like all the rooms in the home would be painted. I liked the uniform look with all of the rooms being painted the same color. As you can imagine, I purchased the paint in five gallon containers rather than by the single gallon. It also provides a seamless transition from one room to another. For some reason, I dislike looking at corners of one room being a different color then the next. It just feels incomplete to me. In a similar manner, we painted all the woodwork in a dark brown to keep it looking the same in each room. The dark brown color gives the impression of a rich wood finish. Some items such as cabinets or doors were left in natural wood when possible in order to break up the color scheme a bit.

Speaking of paint, I don’t know if you have recently priced the cost of paint at stores like Lowes or not, but it has jumped sky-high now. Once we started the beautification program for this home we realized what was going to be involved in painting. It is not cheap to restore a home to its previously charming condition. The cost of paint is unbelievable. I went to Lowes in Seaford Delaware and purchased one five gallon bucket of paint for the walls and a single gallon of a darker color for the woodwork. Total cost was $175.99. Folks the amount was for only the paint. We had previously bought the brushes, rollers, etc. We finally ended up using a grand total of ten gallons of paint for the complete home. That’s two of the five gallon containers. Whoever said paint was cheap is grossly mistaken.

As we painted the living room wall we decided that it really did not matter if we got paint on the floor or not since the floor in the living room was in such a deteriorated condition. As a result of the poor condition of the floor the decision was made that it was best to install a carpet over it and believe me it certainly made a drastic difference in the mood of the room. We still need to put the floor transition strips in place once we get the kitchen area completed but slowly it is starting to look like home. All that is needed now is to add some of our furniture and accessories to the room. As you can imagine the change was unbelievable.

Pam, my wife still has to put her paintings on the wall and add some of her living room items to the area that she plans to use but that will come slowly as she continues to empty the boxes from storage. It certainly looks a group better than it did when we first moved in. I will see you another time with more updates and information.