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October 30, 2018

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Designing the Perfect Minimalist and Simple Nursery in the Mid-Century Fixer Upper

In case you are looking forward to making some adjustments to the fixer upper you have been handed down to for the sake of creating some room for nurseries and the like, you will have some parts affected while others may just remain as they were anyway. Think of for instance removing the paneling from the kitchen and the living room so as to make the rooms more spacious and airy thus making them look newer and fresher as you can view here. However, for the nursery needs, the paneling in the bedroom may be left. In most cases, your fixer upper will assume the format of the traditional ranch format with such long hallways with bedrooms on both.

The first item to take a look at as you look forward to creating such a nursery is the carpeting there is in the house. Think of removing such old threadbare carpets that often happen to be in such fixer uppers for they often happen to be such that have lived therein for several years and as such quite worn out. It may actually come to you as a surprise that what actually lies below the carpets are all but such nice, beautiful glossy real hardwood on the floor. In your effort to make the room look more beautiful, think of adding such items such as rugs of the right color like the pink area rugs right in front of the crib and these do serve to make the room feel a lot warmer.

After this think of adding a dresser to the crib. Where the baby happens to be unborn and as such not yet as settled in so far their gender be, then it may be advisable for you to go for the kinds of items of furniture and accessories that are as plain and neutral as is possible. The perfect color schemes for such are gray, white, green and white. Find some of these items from an online store that deals in such items of furniture and furnishings for your nursery. In between the crib and the dresser, consider adding a handmade swan baby rocker which can actually be made by a local craftsman in your area.

Consider having hung a handmade mobile as an ideal addition to the crib, this just being hung right above the crib. Such handmade items such as the handmade mobile can be simply made using paper star cutouts and quite simple rod and ribbon hanging style on them. The one fact about these is that they happen to be so light and delicate enough to hang safely from the ceiling and as well stay high enough away from the reach of the baby in the crib.

The other ideal addition of an item of furniture to bring to the room is an old rocker as the page shows.